The Overthink Tank

How To Not Get Cancelled ft. Ashish Shakya and Priyanka Khimani

We overthink what it means to get cancelled on the internet.

Hello Overthinkers ™ Today’s discussion is yet another suh-lippery slope!

What does “problematic” even mean? What happens in between "problematic" and "cancelled"? When it comes to our faves — how do we consume art and culture responsibly? When Kanye comes on at the club, do you stop dancing?

We’ve all had an “oops” moment, but with the power of social media, the consequences of that moment could lead to some tricky places.

We'll be brave and try to figure it all out in this episode of The Overthink Tank, with comedian/wise-uncle Ashish Shakya and entertainment lawyer Priyanka Khimani.

Listen in.

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The Long and Tortured History Of Cancel Culture:

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