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How To Get Along with Your Roommate? ft. Abish Mathew and Pavitra Shetty

We overthink how to deal with the most common roommate disputes.

1 year ago

We love them. We live with them. We are mystified by them. ROOMMATES!

We've all been a bad roommate at one time or another, possibly without even realizing it. That's why, Surbhi gets her friends Abish Mathew and Pavitra Shetty to overthink roommate etiquette and share some truly bonkers roommate horror stories. Some of their deal breakers are probably your deal breakers, too. And, some of them will definitely surprise you, to say the least.

Recorded March 3rd 2020

Hello Overthinkers. We are beginning to record NEW episodes soon. In the meantime, here's a virtual high-five to all of you that are diligently washing your hands.

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